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WOMEN by Yasmin Rumkoski

On November 8th 2016, women failed America. I blame no one else. No self-respecting woman should have voted against their own interests, and yet a disturbingly high percentage of them did just that. This election has unambiguously proven that women are responsible for the worst aspects of sexism. Donald Trump is a self-professed sexual predator, but too many women were able to ignore that or even excuse it because they believe that’s just the way men are. They don’t think such a man should be held accountable for his words and actions because they have no expectations that men, and the system that revolves around them, will ever change. Now thanks to that reckless disregard for the future the rest of us can’t have much hope for progress for women. The complacent cunts of America caved to the incompetent pussies and now we are sent back to the fucking kitchen with a shiner. Now we have to act up and make the change we want or stay in the dark ages.

I have a very simple, monomaniacal concept to fix all the problems in America. Women. This is the only issue we should be addressing in America. The Women’s March, and women’s rights in general should have nothing to do with anything more than women. Fuck the LGBTQ community. Fuck the environment. Fuck race. Women and cultural equality is the only thing that matters. Women should be completely equal to men in all aspects of American culture from business to politics, housekeeping to construction. I sincerely believe that if women have equal representation in all aspects of American life and culture then all other issues will fall in line.

In order to prevent the mission of the Women’s March from dying the slow and useless death that all of its predecessors from the 1970s suffered, the Women’s March must occur, at minimum, yearly. Each year hence all of us that have attended will bring another woman that did not come before. We need to focus on under served populations and people with different ideologies and political stances. If you have to pay for transportation, lunch or expenses to get women to attend then financial aid needs to be planned. We must be aware that because we are in a capitalistic society there will have to be financial aspects to the movement. We need to share the pain and longing for simple equality as intellectuals and peers, but so far, we are not sharing shit. This is a movement that must be built on solidarity, but solidarity has become a rare concept amongst an ever-expanding empathy deficit.

Understanding all sides of the issues before us is essential to finding a path through them. I’ve pretended to be a Trump supporter at the inauguration and a ball. I’ve protested with Black Lives Matter and others at the DC DeploraBall. I’ve marched at the DC Women’s March. Through these experiences and many others, I have concluded that all sides of the American population are experiencing an empathy crisis that has divided us by race, religion, politics, and our favorite celebrities. This is largely to blame on the media and the technologic revolution that is warping it into an unfamiliar beast. On the simplest level we each live in our technologic microspheres. We hear what we want to hear and unempathetically, if not surgically, neglect the opposition. We no longer hear commentary and react heuristically but rather ideologically based on how such commentary differs from our beliefs. The only people who hear our repetitive banter are our shallow, ADD groupies on the algorithmically structured social media platforms. *Drops microphone*

So what do we do? We get women to connect. Physically, one to one, two to two, and so forth, and then maybe we can convince women that we are equal with each other and with that we can finally move to achieve broader equality. If we can get to that, we might stand a chance as a country and global community going forward.

Copyright Yasmin Rumkowski 2017

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